Two paths in a park. Get clarity through Life Coaching!

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Happy New Year! The beginning is a wonderful place with much freedom to choose your path and how you will lead your life through the twelve months of the New Year. Get clarity through coaching!

What does your road ahead look like?
Is it paved, dirt or more like a railroad track?
What obstacles do you see?
Please help me raise money for Good Women International, a service organization that helps fight human trafficking in the United States.

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I was asked to co-author a book on insights into self-empowerment and all the royalties for electronic purchases will go to Good Women International. I am proud and excited to be part of this project. The book is published on Amazon and is titled: The Change 7: Insights Into Self-Empowerment. You can help make a difference and create change for yourself and someone else, by purchasing your e-book today and leaving a review. Don’t have a Kindle? No problem! To download and read the E-Book (no Kindle needed) use this link. Amazon makes a free Kindle reading app for any device. (Remember all the e-book royalties go to charity).
Thanks So Much. It means the world to me!

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A Big German “PROST!” To A successful Street Coaching Flashmob Day In Berlin!

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Wow! Wow! Wow! Ich liebe coaching! Today was so empowering as a life coach to witness the transformations big and small as I connected with people from Israel, Australia, Deutschland, USA, Czech Republic, and around the World both in English and auf Deutsche. The coaching was free but the payment I received in return was priceless! Ein Großes Dankeshön an unsere Coaching-Team! Our Coaching-Team connection today was energized, empowered and we worked together in a way that brought great success to this first street coaching flashmob, not only in Berlin, but also the first of it’s kind in Germany! ICF-Deutschland can certainly be proud of this Flashmob Coaching-Team today! Follow us on Coaching Flashmob Berlin. A Big German “PROST!” To A successful Street Coaching Flashmob Day In Berlin!
Sometimes a little nudge, a little support, a little coaching and transformation happens that changes a person forever! Ich bin ein Berliner Flashmob Coach! Melody Taylor-Fliege
Need a solution to something you are struggling with right now? Free Coaching Flashmob Berlin Today at Hackescher Markt!

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Need a solution to something you are struggling with right now?

Try our FREE Speed Coaching Flashmob to help you discover a new perspective and find answers! It FREE Today in Berlin at Hackescher Markt, Saturday 26. September! We are part of the International Coach Federation ICF-Deutschland in Berlin!

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Looking for a COACH? Free Coaching Flashmob Berlin - Tomorrow at Hackescher Markt!

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Looking for a COACH? Look no further! Join us Tomorrow!

Beginning at 11:00 at Hackescher Markt on Saturday, 26. September, we will be Speed Coaching on the streets of Berlin. It’s educational, fun and FREE! We are part of the International Coach Federation ICF-Deutschland in Berlin!

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Leadership: Are you acting on your intentions?

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Knowing what you want strengthens your leadership abilities. Remind yourself what is truly important to you by listing the five most important goals in your life.

Now, if you had to give up 3 of them, which three ones would you give up?

And if you could only keep 1 of the last two most important goals on your list, which one would you keep?

There you have it! You now know the order of importance of your highest goals. This helps you to focus better on achieving what you want most and act on your truest intentions.

What did you learn about yourself?

How can you apply that learning in your life today?
"The Change: Insights into Self Empowerment" book cover. My First book on Amazon. I am a Co-Author

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Mark Tuesday, September 1st on your calendar! It’s the day my first book launches on Amazon. I am a co-author in Book no. 7 of the series, “The Change: Insights into Self Empowerment” with Jim Lutes and Jim Britt. Be sure to get one during the first 3 days of the launch and help us climb the charts by leaving a customer review on Amazon as soon as you can!

I am surrounded by 19 other top co-authors with varied backgrounds from across the globe who share secrets for unleashing enormous personal change! You are sure to walk away with EXACTLY what will help you grasp what you’re reaching for! Take your life to the next level!

Contact me at
Stress Management Quote and image of the Berlin Wall: “There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.” -Ronald Reagan

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The first day of construction of the Berlin Wall began August 13, 1961 and lasted 28 years. Viewed by some as negatively shameful and viewed by others as positively necessary to keep out the enemy or prevent a war, this wall structure became known as one of the greatest symbols of freedom. Although the construction and destruction of the Berlin Wall was a larger group effort, individually each of us creates this same experience internally without realizing it. We create walls and structures to support us to achieve; we create walls and structures to hide things within; we even create walls and structures to protect us from pain both socially and privately. In the realm of coaching and its forward-action approach, I bring the Berlin Wall metaphor and ask a few questions.

Look at one of your internal obstacles or walls that seem to block you from where you want to be in your career, relationship, leadership or managing your stress. Don’t try to fix it, but rather just observe and be curious as to what shows up. Take some notes if it helps.
  • What do you notice?
  • Does it seem like a structure that hinders or facilitates you?
  • Can you notice a connection between this obstacle and your thoughts or actions? If so, how does it show up?
  • What might be the message for you in your observation of your wall?
Laser Tag and Leadership: Deciding who to promote!

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Today I read this great article about deciding who to promote to leadership positions and decided to share it on my blog.

Laser Tag Leadership

This article is written by guest blogger, Dr. James Eyring

Companies move people into leadership positions all the time. Frequently, they make good decisions and advance good leaders. Sometimes, they make mistakes. They might promote a good technical person, only to find that the person can’t lead people. Or, they might promote a senior leader, only to discover that the person can’t drive successful change.

Recently, I was reminded why this sometimes happens while watching my daughter and her friends play laser tag.

My daughter loves playing laser tag, so it was no surprise that she asked for a laser tag party for her birthday. I chaperoned her and 18 of her (sometimes screaming) friends to a local park for the game.

Now, most laser tag parties follow a fairly standard routine for choosing teams. The birthday boy or girl gets to choose a team of his/her choice, or the birthday boy or girl and his/her friend take turns picking others into two teams. Maybe it is the psychologist in me, but I have never liked either option. So, we chose (i.e., I forced) a solution so that we had 4 random groups of kids. These groups were then combined into different teams every couple of rounds. That way, almost all of the kids got to play with and against each other.

After a couple of rounds, I asked one of the instructors how the kids were doing. She pointed to a girl from one of the teams and told me, “she is the natural leader for this team.” True enough, when a round started, she would plan a strategy, rally her team to it, and then assign everyone responsibilities. They listened and followed instructions. They lost. When the teams were mixed up, she still emerged as the leader. Her team lost 7 out of the 7 games the kids played. The instructor still thought she was a “good leader.”

Years ago, I saw the same dynamics while running a simulation for professionals called Lost at Sea. Individuals rated how they would use different items to survive a shipwreck. The group would then have a discussion of their rankings. Sometimes, a leader would emerge to guide the group to a final answer. In some groups, the emergent leaders led their teams to successful solutions. In other groups, the leader would actually cause the group to perform worse than they would without a leader. Just because someone emerges as a leader does not mean they are a good leader.

Too often, I hear HR leaders speak about a manager as a great leader because he/she speaks well or strongly expresses his/her views. I call this the “standing out in the crowd” model of leadership. Managers who don’t stand out versus their peers are not seen as leaders.

There is nothing wrong with standing out in the crowd. Some leaders who do this are very effective. However, not all emergent leaders are effective. More importantly, some individuals (including women) are less likely to be chosen as emergent leaders. Choosing someone who stands out may result in overlooking a good leader who does not.

So, don’t rely on “emergent leadership” when making decisions about whom to promote. Instead, look for leaders who can lead a team to success. If a manager has best in class business results, strong engagement scores, and low employee turnover, he or she is a good leader regardless of whether they stand out in a crowd.

Back to more important matters…laser tag. My daughter’s team won every game they played, even though the team members were mixed up every couple of rounds. What was the secret of their success? The team assigned my daughter as their leader because it was her birthday. As a team, they discussed everyone’s ideas and listened to those who had played most. They put simple strategies in place, and won.

My daughter did not stand out in the crowd, but when her team asked her to be a leader, she did a great job. I am proud of her because she listened to her team, asked questions, and helped them implement ideas. She helped the team succeed.

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