Finding Purpose Through Problems

It’s hard to let go sometimes, especially in teams, when egos get the best of us and the need to be right, to hold onto a title, save face overrides any rationality. It happens all the time in teams, also in personal relationships because the dynamic is the same in that the purpose creates the team as the purpose creates the relationship. This is one reason that blaming a person into leaving never gets rid of the problem. The problem is really a dynamic that will play out again with the next team or relationship until the dynamic is dealt with. The dynamic is conflict. Conflict is normal.

Failure a Vital Component to Positive Outcome!

Do you think an ox worries about failure or even processes the concept? Whether they do or don’t, they work hard, and hard work is full of moments where you wonder if your efforts are worth it and question if you have failed. 2021 is sure to be a year of hard work and plenty of obstacles to overcome as we come out of this COVID-19 pandemic and focus on priorities with respect for others and the environment around us. It’s a good year to focus on routines and realistic strategies, practical processes that are real and concrete, learning from our mistakes along the way. Failure is relative.

Take change as it comes!

Again, a year that started with surprises and not all of them, how we wanted them. Many of us are in a situation where the outside information about the world we live in is overwhelming and seems to be taking all the energy needed to plan and enact the changes we wanted for our lives.

Celebrate the Season!

Despite the high number of deaths globally and the despair from loss, there is also alchemy in the COVID-19 pandemic that brings in more joy, shifting things for the better. Blessings are coming through the darkness in many different forms that are good for us and can create new things totally different and even more beautiful if we can see and accept the new. We need structure in our new lives after COVID-19, but it doesn’t have to be traditional.

The COVID-19 Crisis – Danger and Opportunity

The Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly is a global crisis in many ways. As we come into this holiday season, 10 million lives have been lost worldwide, restaurant- and shop owners fear for their livelihoods, schools are closed, families are stuck at home together, which can cause conflicts and domestic violence. However, does this crisis have to have only destructive effects on us? Today, I want to challenge the notion of desperation during this crisis and instead remind us of a few ways to come out of it stronger and more effective. Even beyond this specific pandemic, can crises help us develop in general? If so, what can be our part in it?

The Impact of Unresolved Trauma on Relationships

Physicians use the word “trauma” to describe a serious injury to the physical body resulting from a sudden impact, such as an accident or a violent act. But you can also suffer emotional trauma, which can cause an equally painful wound to your sense of self as a whole, coherent being. Just like a wound to your physical body, emotional injuries also require care and attention so that you may heal.

How do you deal with the Impostor Syndrome?

Many of us have felt in a position where they felt out of their league; they can never master what is demanded or expected. The “Imposter Syndrome,” the constant feeling of just pretending to be, feeling under-qualified, and only pretending, the fear of being exposed as an imposter is a specific version of this chronic fear. Seeing public figures not living up to their office expectations and making fools out of themselves for all to see can even contribute to this fear, something we are experiencing more frequently during this COVID-19 time of constant media presence and extreme challenges for any person holding leadership and public office positions.

30 Days of Gratitude, Positive Focus on Your Dreams, Goals, Wishes, and Desires

Change is the back and forth of balance. You create purposeful change when you use tools like affirmations – the back and forth programming between your subconscious and conscious; meditation – the back and forth between focused, busy work and stillness; decision-making techniques that combine thought, energy, and emotion – the back and forth between ego and your soul. When you take what is given with gratitude and don’t doubt yourself, like take a bad situation and make something good out of it, you alchemize it. This is how you can alchemize the life you want. The truth is that you create your reality every moment of every day consciously or subconsciously.

Learn Self-Motivation!

Self-motivation is not something that the lucky part of humanity, the successful bunch, is born with while the rest of us are being denied. Self-motivation is accessible for all of us and can be learned. The first thing you need to throw overboard the “when-then” fallacy: when A happens, B will follow. When I get this position, I will be happy. When the stupid boss retires, I will like it here. When I get a raise, everything will be fine. This is not how it works. Once you genuinely don’t like a job, a new supervisor or a higher paycheck will not make you love it long-term. If you haven’t found happiness, a new job position will not be enough to create happiness for you. Intrinsic/Inner motivation tends to lead to better results than extrinsic motivation, e. g, through monetary incentives.

Create Productive Business Partnerships

Utilizing specific personal, trusting partnerships to advance a business success is not a new concept. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard created an almost iconic company with the famous HP logo, which virtually everyone has seen on a device they have used. Who has not indulged in ice cream from the company of Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield? Much of what we are utilizing in this digitalized world is based on the successful business products of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who managed to be both nerdy friends and hugely successful partners. The world of entertainment has examples like that as well. Who doesn’t enjoy the funny movies of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, who were successful from the 1920s to the 1950s? Most of us remember the magical white tiger show of Siegfried Fischbacher and “Roy” Uwe Horn, friends, entertainers, business associates, and life partners.

Don’t Reject Criticism, Utilize it!

Criticism seems to be the most annoying kind of comment to our activities, behaviors, or achievements to take. While we love being complimented, accept neutral comments- even welcome alternative proposals, whenever we feel criticized, we feel the urge to respond in a way, which invalidates the criticism.

Use Systems to Make Change Easier

In this digital world, all of us, to some extent, have learned to integrate systems –electronic planners, schedulers, payment systems, and others, into the way we are doing business. From a two-person household to a blue-chip company, various tools and gadgets are being developed to help us accomplish tasks. At any rate, utilizing support tools, as such, are not quite an invention of our times. The variety of systems available has nonetheless exploded, compared with the “good old times” when all of us were using paper calendars and planners.

Learn to Last or The Secret of Endurance

There are four different sources of energy: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual (Loehr and Schwartz 2005), none of which can be neglected without doing damage to your overall energy levels, that you depend on for endurance. If you continue to deplete more energy levels than you replenish, this will soon affect your wellbeing and your performance in all areas of your life.

What’s Your Life’s Purpose and Mission?

There is something fascinating about the evolution of our experiences over the course of our professional working life. People wonder how their individual traits or personality, possibly their gender, their experience or intellect; drive them along the journey of their desires.

The Importance of Following Through

Be aware, that follow-through is a way of being honest with yourself and faithful to yourself. Coaching can be a way of not only identifying, what steps it takes to follow through; it can also be extremely helpful of both detecting patterns, which are harmful to the process of follow-through as well as supporting you on the path of follow-through.