Feeling like you’re always paying it forward in career and not getting paid back?

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Feeling like you’re always paying it forward in career and not getting paid back? Often it can feel as though you’re paying it forward in your career without any return. One reason for this delusion is because the return doesn’t come from the same place or person you pay forward. In other words you give help to someone in need without expecting something in return simply because you can—trusting… Read more »

Getting Down To Business

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Getting Down To Business Getting down to business is about physically getting things done in order to manifest whatever you’re reaching to achieve. It’s about the actions steps involved, whether they are baby steps or giant leaps. Don’t gloss over celebrating or recognizing in some way each step you take, as the acknowledgement helps keep the motivational juices flowing…. Read more »

Leaders That Ask For Help

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Leaders That Ask For Help Being a first-rate leader and knowing when to ask for help go hand-in-hand. Recognizing that you are great at some things and not so great at others reminds you that you’re not alone. Leading is about comradeship with those who follow you. It’s about recognizing every individual has value and something to contribute. Using synergism… Read more »

Coaching a Methodology Facilitating Purposeful Change in Career and Life

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We need to let ourselves and others fall apart completely with the knowledge that falling apart is crucial in order for us to be transformed. ~Teal Swan~ Building a solid career foundation based in your core values is essential to a life of fulfillment. While honoring your values is naturally fulfilling even during times when… Read more »

Saturday’s Segment: Stress a positive perspective

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Can you move through this day like a child celebrating in the beauties and wonders life has to offer in each moment, skipping and singing a long as you go? Does your touch calm and reassure someone and make him or her feel loved? Does your voice sing an uplifting melody of hope and thanksgiving… Read more »