The Cloak Of A Confident Leader

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The Cloak Of A Confident Leader Confident leaders that reveal bold qualities of positive determination, flexibility and follow-through are considered trustworthy to follow because their followers feel safe. These leaders turn perceived obstacles into resources through their confidence. As confidence is a state of being stemming from our thinking and beliefs, we can develop it. We can increase our confidence through… Read more »

Leadership With Clear Intention

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Leadership With Clear Intention Accountability for your intentions is a must as a leader. Being mindful of thoughts, actions, and words are part of the game and can have detrimental consequences when taken lightly –not necessarily to you, but to those who follow you. Flexibility, forgiveness, and a quick apology can be powerful antidotes to well-intentioned mistakes all leaders… Read more »

Leadership: Space In Chaos

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Leadership: Space In Chaos Leaders lead others through sunshine and storms. Chaos is part of the path of a leader. A valuable lesson for any leader comes through a martial arts concept of the flow of energy –working with the energy rather than against it. Chaotic moments can feel like there is no clear direction, and a leader can… Read more »

13 Natures Of Leaders

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13 Natures Of Leaders The best leaders are not afraid to be themselves. They do not try to lead like someone they are not. They understand the power of their unique spark and express their light into the world through their individual style of leadership. Inspiring Leaders know that they lead themselves first, and they used their heart center… Read more »