Another Successful Street Coaching Day In Berlin!

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Multi-images of Street Coaching Am Lustgarten Berlin Germany Empowering! Transforming! Touching people’s lives around the world is so rewarding as a Coach. I love coaching! Today our team of Street Coaches connected with people from parts of Asia, Europe, North and South America… coaching in German, English and even Russian! A few comments from participants: A surprising experience when your just sitting in… Read more »

How Many Relationship Tricks-or-Treats In Your Bag?

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How Many Relationship Tricks-or-Treats In Your Bag? Happy Halloween! I hope your Halloween is filled with as many tricks-n-treats as mine has been. My relationship bag is overflowing with treats this Halloween night. My First Relationship Treat. It started first thing this morning as my virtual assistant Ninja gave me my first treat of this day. He surprised me actually yesterday, but… Read more »

Sevenfold Sunday: Creativity – A Warrior of Stress

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Are you in need of a new idea or a better solution to something right now in your life? If so, try answering some of these seven questions about what you are seeking? Can you change or substitute any part of it? What would happen if you combine it with something else? How might you… Read more »

Theatrical Thursday: Laughter to release stress

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In light of Senior Citizen’s Day and Poet’s Day (according to I’ll share a funny writing that was reposted February 13, 1993 in The Chicago Tribune Dear Abby. The piece was sent from a reader who clipped it from a church bulletin – author unknown. Here it is: Old Folks Are Worth A Fortune… Read more »