Relationship Journaling: A Space To Deal With What’s Difficult

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Relationship Journaling: A Space To Deal With What’s Difficult Where is the magic and possibility in your relationships? It’s easy in the beginning, but continuing to bring in magic and possibility after you have learned and experienced much with those you’re in relationship with can seem quite challenging. One challenge lies in the effort it takes to intentionally look for and consciously focus on… Read more »

Thirty-Second Thursday: Dealing With Career Pressure

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If you feel a sense of pressure today as deadlines arrive, people act impatient or the big picture becomes overwhelming; BREATH!… Take a breath! Breathe your presence down out of your head, out of your throat and into your heart. Breathe again, your presence down out of your head and out of your throat; this… Read more »

Sevenfold Sunday: Creativity – A Warrior of Stress

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Are you in need of a new idea or a better solution to something right now in your life? If so, try answering some of these seven questions about what you are seeking? Can you change or substitute any part of it? What would happen if you combine it with something else? How might you… Read more »