Finding Purpose Through Problems

Happy Northern Hemisphere Spring, Everyone!

Finally, once again, the days begin to grow longer, the birds chirp louder, and as more vaccines become available, people become less patient and more ready to be done with COVID restrictions and the never-ending chaos.

Failure a Vital Component to Positive Outcome

February 12th was the Chinese New Year of the Ox! I’ll seize the moment in this newsletter to step back and begin again! Every day is a new beginning! So why the heck does failure have such a bad reputation around the world? Ever feel like a failure? This newsletter is for you!

Take change as it comes!

Happy New Year, Everyone!

After the stresses and restrictions of the pandemic year 2020, many of us couldn’t wait for 2021 to come and guide us to greener fields. The New Year, however, didn’t do us the favor of giving us more comfort. Pandemic struggles are continuing, record infection numbers, hospitalizations, fatalities. Those who were expecting quick relief from the various vaccines, which were developed at surprising speed, are being disappointed by the realities and difficulties of mass vaccinations.

Celebrate The Season!

One of the greatest gifts this part of the year offers is celebrating all that was in the past year and making way for new things in the new year. The COVID-19 pandemic, with so much death, has also created a pause and reset many structures in our lives.

The COVID-19 Crisis – Danger and Opportunity

I’m Here we are again: after we were hoping to have the worst behind us, the Pandemic struck with even more force. Infection numbers in the USA have been 6-digits for ten days in a row. The country now has a quarter million fatalities to mourn- more than 80 times the number of 9/11 victims.

The Impact of Unresolved Trauma on Relationships

The extraordinary situation of COVID-19 has made many people painfully aware of trauma they may have previously suffered in their lives. Being forced to live in isolation alone- or sometimes even worse together – in compulsory closeness, combined with the absence of distracting routines, has forced many of us to look closer at old wounds. In my life and my coaching practice, I have experienced many forms of trauma burdening people’s lives, causing them to feel guilt, feelings of inferiority, shaming and blaming, and other negative feelings and behaviors. Sometimes people have some level of awareness of old wounds being the cause. Many times there is no such awareness. The consequences, however, can be severe. We can hold ourselves back in our careers, fail to up-keep or mend relationships, beak apart teams and otherwise sabotage ourselves.

How do you deal with the Impostor Syndrome?

We all suffer from it, the impostor syndrome! Do either of these sound familiar? You respond to assigned tasks with over-preparation only to contribute any recognition to hard work or responding with procrastination, contributing any success with luck. Other impostor syndrome signals can be turning down promotions, high-exposure projects, or new roles for fear of being exposed as not as intelligent, creative, or talented as your job title indicates.

30 Days of Gratitude to Alchemize Change

Change is inevitable and let’s be honest: even if the idea of change may appear scary or uncomfortable, almost all of us want to change at least one aspect in our life.

Learn Self-Motivation!

The idea that a pandemic could be a factor helping you to get motivated feels counterintuitive. How can COVID-19 possibly help motivate anyone? Doesn’t it lock us into our homes, forces inactivity, and unhealthy eating habits on us? Turn us into grouchy couch potatoes? Well, as usual, it’s up to you, after all.

Productive Partnerships

The COVID-19 crisis led to a situation, in which many of us found ourselves held up with a partner, who we normally hardly get to see. Then we shared living quarters, work-space kitchen 24/7, this is still the case for some. Crisis like this can be stressful for a relationship and it can also create time and space for long overdue relationship maintenance. Productive partnerships are not only limited to romantic relationships, but also professional business colleges, joint causes; any time you join with another person or people a partnership is formed. The thing I love about this topic is how it relates to groups and team coaching which is all about the united purpose, creating value for all stakeholders, outside-in and future-back.

Don’t Reject Criticism, Utilize it!

I’m excited to share with you an alternative perspective of looking at and dealing with criticism. My intention behind my May newsletter is to provide you, my readers, with valuable tips and strategies on how to recognize, embrace, and deal with criticism in a more expanded way!

Use Systems to Make change Easier

COVID-19 – THIS! COVID-19 – THAT! It seems never to end! Without systems, during times like these, emotional highs and lows can become extreme and get out of control, causing unnecessary, negative consequences. Yet every day the sun rises and sets, and we have another opportunity to work with parts of ourselves that this virus does not let us escape—some good, some not so good. How is your systems integration adapting right now?

Learn to Last or The Secret of Endurance

Staying power is needed now more than ever! Yearning to look away or be complacent will no longer work! The Covid19, coronavirus, holding no prejudice against its prey, has plenty of persistence. Working together has never been so important; and also never so difficult. We all must participate together equally, shifting out of stillness into action and recognizing our individual part. Practicing equanimity, small things like washing our hands, not touching our faces, and social distancing, so when bigger, more drastic measures are called for we can do it easier without panic.

What’s Your Life’s Purpose and Mission?

You start dying the day you’re born! So what’s your purpose and mission for the time in between?

If you haven’t yet figured out your entire life purpose, maybe just focus on February with a few strategies from this month’s newsletter to help you recognize, embrace, and express your authentic self.

The Importance of Following Through

I’m excited to begin 2016 with sending you my first newsletter.

My intention behind this newsletter is to provide you, my readers, with valuable tips and strategies on how to recognize, embrace, and express your authentic self into your world!