Use Systems to Make change Easier

COVID-19 – THIS! COVID-19 – THAT! It seems never to end! Without systems, during times like these, emotional highs and lows can become extreme and get out of control, causing unnecessary, negative consequences. Yet every day the sun rises and sets, and we have another opportunity to work with parts of ourselves that this virus does not let us escape—some good, some not so good. How is your systems integration adapting right now?

Learn to Last or The Secret of Endurance

Staying power is needed now more than ever! Yearning to look away or be complacent will no longer work! The Covid19, coronavirus, holding no prejudice against its prey, has plenty of persistence. Working together has never been so important; and also never so difficult. We all must participate together equally, shifting out of stillness into action and recognizing our individual part. Practicing equanimity, small things like washing our hands, not touching our faces, and social distancing, so when bigger, more drastic measures are called for we can do it easier without panic.

What’s Your Life’s Purpose and Mission?

You start dying the day you’re born! So what’s your purpose and mission for the time in between?

If you haven’t yet figured out your entire life purpose, maybe just focus on February with a few strategies from this month’s newsletter to help you recognize, embrace, and express your authentic self.

The Importance of Following Through

I’m excited to begin 2016 with sending you my first newsletter.

My intention behind this newsletter is to provide you, my readers, with valuable tips and strategies on how to recognize, embrace, and express your authentic self into your world!