Authentic Identity


Understanding and connecting to your authentic identity takes knowing where your presence is. This coaching uses 3 powerful questions and a breathing exercise for finding your current presence and connect to your authenticity. By repeating the video as your life circumstances change, you will discover a deeper connection to your authentic self and unmask illusions of what you thought you were supposed to be.

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Knowing if you are really present in your body, outside of your body or just in your head is key to connecting to and acting from your authentic self. This coaching uses 3 powerful questions to deepen your awareness of your authentic self and forward authentic action in your every-day life. A guided breathing exercise is also utilized in the video to gently brings your awareness to where your presence currently is and help you create a connection with your authentic identity. As life is fluid and ever flowing, whatever comes up for you in answering the questions as well as the breathing exercise can be different each time you repeat this coaching, so use it as often as you like to deepen your connection to your authentic self.


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