Balance On The Beach


If you’re interested in discovering more balance, join me on the beach for this great learning. Watch and apply the exercises in this coaching anytime you feel the need to clear restriction, blockages or anything that seems to hinder you from balancing you at your center.

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These balancing techniques give you the opportunity to learn what your inner wisdom has to tell you. Your body is full of knowledge, wisdom, and guidance if you know how to listen. You will be guided at a gentle pace in this coaching video to integrate through embodiment, more balance you desire in any area in your life. During this process:
  • Learn to listen better to what your physical body has to tell you about balance.
  • Learn how to sort of “click and drag” that learning from physical body balance into areas of stress in your life creating more emotional, mental and spiritual stability in all your life experience.
  • You can use this video as often as you like to tap in that inner wisdom and find balance.
  • The video workbook also contains a section of alternative balancing techniques to add ease to the process, by allowing you to focus less on the physical balancing and more on the emotionally stressed life experience.


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