Future Self On An Island – What Year It Is?


This coaching dares you to unveil what’s yet to be discovered in your future, whether it’s next week, next year or beyond. Get a retrospective view from the future.

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“Future Self On An Island – What Year Is It?” is a powerful coaching visualization that will take you on a journey of discovery, inspiration and support that will generate new found motivation and drive. Benefit from future self perceptions of all that can sustain you now and in your future. Strengthen self-trust and boost personal confidence through the power of intent, visualization and calling on the wisdom of your inner guidance –in this case your future self. Deepen truths, insights even skills with each subsequent visit to your future self–plus;
  • Develop a stronger link to your internal resources
  • Strengthen personal confidence
  • Generate renewed trust in your own judgement
  • Discover and expand creativity


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