Leadership 12min Guided Meditation


Lift the weight from your shoulders! This guided meditation mp3 will guide you into a state of deep relaxation and expanded awareness restoring peace of mind and appreciation for life.
It is ideal for…

  • a 15min break to reset
  • a quick morning start
  • a quick end-of-day meditation
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It’s time to reclaim trust in your leadership abilities! At one time or another all leaders get tangled up in the weight of responsibility and the seriousness of life. The pressure of day-to-day living can wear even the greatest leaders down. In just 12min you can reconnect with your inner wisdom that reminds you of your greatness and that you can achieve so much more than you give yourself credit for. Take an inner journey to a place of silence where you can remember that you are part of a bigger picture, that you are resourceful, creative and whole. Release yourself from your day-to-day responsibilities for 12min a day or whenever you need to reclaim your leadership power! Listening Tips This 12-minute guided meditation uses the 741Hz Solfeggio Frequency to deepen the silence around leadership for you. Listening with headphones at a quiet volume and with your eyes closed will evoke a deeper sense of stillness in your experience. Never listen to this recording while driving or operating heavy equipment.


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