Leadership Wisdom and The Shadow Side


This coaching is for anyone, including leaders, who feels an intuitive urge to break free from fear and start living genuinely from their heart.

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The shadow side in this video depicts all the ways you feel bad about yourself, the darker part of a leadership personality. I utilize sunlight on a beach in Italy and physically play with my shadow to illustrate the concept of embracing your shadow self and employ the leadership wisdom it offers to help coach you around becoming a better leader. As a leader your shadow side cannot be hidden as easily while the spotlight is brighter on you. More eyes are watching, waiting and eager to blame and point out your shadow –your mistakes, weaknesses, failures, defeats or degradations of all kinds. Great leaders learn to embrace their shadow side and laugh easily at themselves. They acknowledge that they have made a mistake by seeing it, saying it, apologizing for it, let it go and move on from it. Embracing your shadow side:
  • Gives you access to the entire set of your personal traits in your leadership
  • Liberates you from the addiction of running from your weaknesses.
  • Gives you opportunity to practice; see it, say it, right the wrong, release it and move on
  • Enables you to live a fuller, richer life.


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