Change In Your Career Journey

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Change In Your Career Journey This month the focus of my coaching blog is career. Career is full of changes, some bigger than others. It is certainly easy to doubt ourselves during the unsettledness after making a big career change and think that we have made a wrong decision. I dare you to remind yourself in these moments that this… Read more »

What is your business mindset –make money quick or more of a lifestyle?

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What is your business mindset –make money quick or more of a life-style? Driving through Freising, Germany inspired today’s business blog, as it claims to hold the oldest functioning beer brewery in the World, Weihenstephan Brewery, over 1,200 years old. Many of the businesses in this old Bavarian tourist village have transformed over time. The shopping center (Schlueter Hallen) in today’s picture was recycled from the ruin that… Read more »

Relationship Patterns

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Relationship Patterns The threads of relationship weave all kinds of interesting patterns. It’s easy to see the negative and much harder to focus on what’s is positive in a relationship. Resistance tends to be at the center of many difficulties in relationships. Resistance surfaces in many ways. What might you be resisting if you need to be… Read more »

Leadership: Space In Chaos

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Leadership: Space In Chaos Leaders lead others through sunshine and storms. Chaos is part of the path of a leader. A valuable lesson for any leader comes through a martial arts concept of the flow of energy –working with the energy rather than against it. Chaotic moments can feel like there is no clear direction, and a leader can… Read more »