Leading Through Trial and Error

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Leading Through Trial and Error Leadership calls you to pick yourself up again and again, fostering patience, humility, and perseverance. It is full of exhilarating life experiences on both ends of the power spectrum –feeling at times all powerful and other times completely powerless. Like all life journeys, it’s not about the destination but rather expanding each moment to it’s… Read more »

Language Of A Leader

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Language Of A Leader As a leader, your words are one of your most vital assets. They can be used for or against you. What you say creates your image, brand, and forms the way others view you, especially your followers. The ability to speak your mind is an admired attribute of respected leaders. One reason, it is admired,… Read more »

Leadership With Clear Intention

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Leadership With Clear Intention Accountability for your intentions is a must as a leader. Being mindful of thoughts, actions, and words are part of the game and can have detrimental consequences when taken lightly –not necessarily to you, but to those who follow you. Flexibility, forgiveness, and a quick apology can be powerful antidotes to well-intentioned mistakes all leaders… Read more »

Business Thinking

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Business Thinking Thinking in business matters. How do you change your thinking? How do you know if you’re thinking in your old ways or in new ways? When you’re thinking you’re just thinking right! Maybe so, but what part do your beliefs play into your thinking? If a full grown elephant has the strength to pull trees… Read more »