The Year of the Rat 2020

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Image of a hand drawn zentangle rat 2020 with quote, "Sometimes what looks like an obstacle in your path is actually a gift meant to move you in a different direction." by Jane Lee Logan “While stressing over the past creates depression and worrying about the future creates anxiety, right now is all you need for peace which ignites happiness, good health, and prosperity. Wishing you a New Year full of “Right-Now” moments!”Melody Taylor-Fliege Rats are resourceful, persistent, quick-thinkers, and easily adapt to circumstances. They are constantly on the alert… Read more »

When the change process is slower than you desire

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Image of multiethnic friends blowing paint from hands into air with quote: “To fly we have to have resistance.” -- Maya Lin How can you find patients, calmness, and peace when the change process is slower than you desire? Life is a process; so is an achievement. That knowledge alone doesn’t always create a sense of allowance at the moment. Perhaps thinking in circles or cycles like; breath in, pause, breath out, pause… repeat. Riding a surfboard… Read more »

Today’s Takeaway from Coffeeshop Group Coaching – Beijing, China – 28 March 2019

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Background picture of Beijing China financial district with words: Today’s Takeaway from Coffeeshop Group Coaching – Beijing, China – 28 March 2019 Today’s Takeaway from Coffeeshop Group Coaching – Beijing, China – 28 March 2019 is: “Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional.” — Glenda Cloud Change is unavoidable; you’re always changing. Even the Great Wall of China has changed since each piece was built. Choosing to change before life forces it upon you can be better managed… Read more »

A productive coaching relationship lies in the questions.

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A question mark on a beach with clouded sky and text of a quote to have a question in your heart when you die. Curiosity and powerful questions make coaching a productive relationship for client and coach. True curiosity automatically provokes questions like with small children’s consistent “Why?” questions. It’s no secret that coaching uses questions to provoke transformation and forward movement. The power lies in both the asking and the answering of a curious question. A new identity… Read more »

Another Successful Street Coaching Day In Berlin!

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Multi-images of Street Coaching Am Lustgarten Berlin Germany Empowering! Transforming! Touching people’s lives around the world is so rewarding as a Coach. I love coaching! Today our team of Street Coaches connected with people from parts of Asia, Europe, North and South America… coaching in German, English and even Russian! A few comments from participants: A surprising experience when your just sitting in… Read more »