What to do when your life is up-in-the-air?

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Cartoon image of man reading newspaper in chair and woman standing on bricks on beach looking at incoming tsunami and words "Oh great, just when I've cleaned up from the earthquake." For coaching blog post titled, "What to do when life is up-in-the-air?" Crossroads Your relationship ended! You got laid off, fired, or decided to quit and need a new job; or even a new career! You need to move for whatever reason! ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!! Also, separately these crossroads are intense! The emotion is strong! The stress levels are high! Or better yet, you feel both… Read more »

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Criticized

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Picture of a man and woman pointing fingers at each other. How do you handle criticism? 5 questions to ask yourself when criticized. Don Powell, Ph.D., of the American Institute for Preventive Medicine writes that sometimes criticism—the right kind of criticism—is just what we need to make important changes. In an AIPM handbook, Dr. Powell outlines the following questions to ask yourself when working with criticism: Does the criticism seem reasonable? Is there some truth to what was… Read more »

Relationship Completeness

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Relationship Completeness Following through and completing things in your relationships can lighten what seems heavy and weighing you down. Do the things you said you would do, even the small things. Bunch like things together to save time. If you said you would check on something, or find the time, for something –Do It Now! When you… Read more »