A productive coaching relationship lies in the questions.

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A question mark on a beach with clouded sky and text of a quote to have a question in your heart when you die. Curiosity and powerful questions make coaching a productive relationship for client and coach. True curiosity automatically provokes questions like with small children’s consistent “Why?” questions. It’s no secret that coaching uses questions to provoke transformation and forward movement. The power lies in both the asking and the answering of a curious question. A new identity… Read more »

Does Your Career Need A Tune-up?

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How authentic are you living your career? Does your career life feel like a well-tuned instrument or more like some strings are missing–something’s off? Career coaching is an excellent way to tune you into yourself —your authentic self, and get you back on pitch. Work like you don’t need the money. Love like you’ve never… Read more »

Self-Made Saturday: Stop Waiting For Your Career To Happen To You; You Create Your Career!

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Do you have career dreams? What are you waiting for? The right time, the right opportunity; there is no right time, there is only right now. What are you doing with your today –right now? Brave or foolhardy is all in the perspective. Was it madness to think of starting a business during the Great… Read more »

Thirty-Second Thursday: Dealing With Career Pressure

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If you feel a sense of pressure today as deadlines arrive, people act impatient or the big picture becomes overwhelming; BREATH!… Take a breath! Breathe your presence down out of your head, out of your throat and into your heart. Breathe again, your presence down out of your head and out of your throat; this… Read more »

Workable Wednesday: Achieve Your Career Goals!

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In setting career goals, writing them down begins the process of the action required to manifest your career dreams into reality. It’s just the beginning. Another action step is commitment. Although commitment to others outside of self, even publicly is powerful; the real power in it is actually to enforce the commitment to your self…. Read more »

Mindful Monday: Conflict in Career

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In every career there is the rough waters of conflict — Personalities don’t match, business gets mixed with pleasure, misunderstanding of all kinds. It doesn’t matter who is at fault; no one seems to escape conflict in his or her career. Are you willing to try on a different perspective today in how you approach… Read more »