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Melody helps me know about Coach: I met Melody for the first time on March 26, 2019 at Solana coffee shop. It was a bright day, but I was nervous because I didn’t know how she was and if I could open my heart to her. Most people who need a coach do so because they are encountering some problems. Two years ago, when I first heard about coaching, I didn’t understand the difference between a coach and a counsellor. I asked a person who was learning to be a coach to explain this to me. She asked me a few questions as if she was trying to probe my privacy and ultimately she couldn’t really provide any concrete help. I resisted and didn’t have good impression of a coach at that time. This changed little by little since I started to attend Message Coach (Youyisijiaolian)’s training during the past year. Here they used coaching skills and techniques in their training and also involved coaches to be teaching assistants so that they could practice their coaching skills, which helped me understand a coach’s job and where I also found that coaches have different levels according to their personal knowledge and ability. However, I was still suspicious! Later, a good friend of mine, Matt recommended me Melody and said she provided free coaching. OK, now that it was free I thought, and if I had time – and even if she wasn’t good, I would not tell her anything and I would not lose anything either. I told myself this and stepped into the coffee shop to meet her. It was magic once Melody opened her mouth starting to talk to me. I felt like she was my close friend who I knew for long time. She clearly explained how a coach conducted the job and what I should do; I didn’t feel nervous as I imagined I would be. Instead her smile, voice and pace made me feel very at ease and I couldn’t help sharing my life experiences and frustrations with her. Do you think that this was too fast to trust a person? Indeed. But I was right, she is a trustworthy friend! So, at the first meeting, she already knew a lot about me. I shared with her about my career story and that I planed to write a book in the future. Melody helps me know about myself better: At the first meeting, Melody led me to find my core value: peace and I learned further through group coaching which other participants who also provided feedback on the story I shared. Moreover, she also helped me with doing a Core Value Index (CVI) assessment to know more about myself. Due to a technical problem, I couldn’t conduct the online assessment, but Melody persisted to help me complete the form and generated the results. After got the CVI report, she patiently explained it to me again and again. Melody made me take off my armour and encouraged me to share myself to her, so as long as time allows, I follow her schedule to attend her coaching at the coffee shops. I like her smile, her talk, her knowledge and even her t-shirt and cup on which there is her brand. She quickly became my good friend in spite of cultural difference and language barriers. I enjoy chatting with her on the way walking back home which became beautiful and happy memories. Melody, a role model: Melody shows high professionalism and commitment. She raises different topics for each meeting, and she manages the time effectively and take records. After a meeting, she quickly summarizes the content and shares the result. We don’t need to wait for a long time because she is efficient. She keeps her promise to coach even when she is on vacation. She managed to make the internet work and did coaching online through Zoom. It seems she never leaves us and also seems like we are travelling with her. We can even see the beautiful view through camera. She cares about her clients from her heart. And through her, I was able to know other nice ladies too. No matter from the inside or outside, this amazing lady makes people feel comfortable, peaceful and elicits trustworthiness. She is like an angel to light other people’s lives and help build virtues in us all.