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I am really grateful to have chosen to go that one day when I felt I didn’t even want to interact with anybody, to Melody’s free group coaching session. That first time when I met her it really gave me a taste of who she is in the powers she can have over people. Those little details that she notices on your face that nobody sees, really helps you to get to know more of who you are . She sees in you more than you are able to see.. more A current state that you might be . That first time of experience offered me the opportunity to work with her 1-1 as well and that was even more impactful in my life. As I could have focused solely on my objectives. Ever since working with Melody I gained more clarity about my objectives, my wants and needs. I am embracing everything that the universe offers me Grace to the tools that he has encouraged me to use. Really thankful for her acute attention, patience, support, transparency, love, inclusion, care, kindness and inspiration