Melody has a wonderful way

Melody has a wonderful way to form a great group energy. Everyone can be visible with her/his topics and gets feedback. As one writes the individual issues before the appointment, they are already collected and well prepared. Thank you Melody, for your beautiful and attentive work. I liked the little imagination tool, you used in the beginning, which made the whole process creative and connected to everyones insight… Also it was very interesting to see people from all over the world, with very different work-backgrounds.

Hannah Breithaupt

I am really grateful to

I am really grateful to have chosen to go that one day when I felt I didn’t even want to interact with anybody, to Melody’s free group coaching session. That first time when I met her it really gave me a taste of who she is in the powers she can have over people. Those little details that she notices on your face that nobody sees, really helps you to get to know more of who you are . She sees in you more than you are able to see.. more A current state that you might be . That first time of experience offered me the opportunity to work with her 1-1 as well and that was even more impactful in my life. As I could have focused solely on my objectives. Ever since working with Melody I gained more clarity about my objectives, my wants and needs. I am embracing everything that the universe offers me Grace to the tools that he has encouraged me to use. Really thankful for her acute attention, patience, support, transparency, love, inclusion, care, kindness and inspiration

Gianina Cornea

Beautiful and soulful session with Melody

The 90 min coffee shop coaching with Melody was absolutely wonderful! I feel that with this pandemic we have learnt to connect with each other beautifully via zoom and other platforms. The meeting was very well organized and insightful. I enjoyed being a part of such a worthy group of individuals. Melody’s coaching style was very soulful and the meditation she included was energizing and powerful. Thank you very much for this opportunity. Feel blessed to have been part of something so moving and spiritual! Highly recommend this monthly coffee shop meet up via zoom for everyone out there!


Great feedback from all expats

I met Coach Melody when she began offering her workshops in Beijing and created her listing on my Expat Activities platform. Melody has received great feedback from all expats she has collaborated with and I invited her as a speaker to one of the Professional Development sessions we organized for Diplomatic Network Beijing. Melody was fantastic. She presented great information and all participants praised her coaching method. We received excellent feedback from the event and we’re looking forward to continuing our collaboration with Melody.

Tanya Kostova

Life Nutritioner

Image of Kate Jiang

Yes, Melody is the nutrition that we need to live in a healthy life. She can bring you the happiness by giving you trust, peace and core value of yourself so you are empowered and confident, and be able to handle all the heaviness or difficulty of life. Having Melody be my life coach is the big gift that I appreciate so much in my life.

Kate Jiang

Work Decisions & Life Goals

Image of Mel Parker

I am leaving Beijing China next week and have had the pleasure of coaching sessions with Melody. I can highly recommend her for anyone who wants to discuss their situation without judgement and with 100% discretion. Melody helped me with some work decisions and some life goal setting as I move to the next chapter back in my home country of Australia. She is highly professional, sincerely cares about her clients and is always well prepared for the sessions. I will miss you Melody and thank you for generously contributing your time and expertise.

Mel Parker
Australian Government Official

Helps Me Know About Myself Better

Melody helps me know about Coach: I met Melody for the first time on March 26, 2019 at Solana coffee shop. It was a bright day, but I was nervous because I didn’t know how she was and if I could open my heart to her. Most people who need a coach do so because they are encountering some problems. Two years ago, when I first heard about coaching, I didn’t understand the difference between a coach and a counsellor. I asked a person who was learning to be a coach to explain this to me. She asked me a few questions as if she was trying to probe my privacy and ultimately she couldn’t really provide any concrete help. I resisted and didn’t have good impression of a coach at that time. This changed little by little since I started to attend Message Coach (Youyisijiaolian)’s training during the past year. Here they used coaching skills and techniques in their training and also involved coaches to be teaching assistants so that they could practice their coaching skills, which helped me understand a coach’s job and where I also found that coaches have different levels according to their personal knowledge and ability. However, I was still suspicious! Later, a good friend of mine, Matt recommended me Melody and said she provided free coaching. OK, now that it was free I thought, and if I had time – and even if she wasn’t good, I would not tell her anything and I would not lose anything either. I told myself this and stepped into the coffee shop to meet her. It was magic once Melody opened her mouth starting to talk to me. I felt like she was my close friend who I knew for long time. She clearly explained how a coach conducted the job and what I should do; I didn’t feel nervous as I imagined I would be. Instead her smile, voice and pace made me feel very at ease and I couldn’t help sharing my life experiences and frustrations with her. Do you think that this was too fast to trust a person? Indeed. But I was right, she is a trustworthy friend! So, at the first meeting, she already knew a lot about me. I shared with her about my career story and that I planed to write a book in the future. Melody helps me know about myself better: At the first meeting, Melody led me to find my core value: peace and I learned further through group coaching which other participants who also provided feedback on the story I shared. Moreover, she also helped me with doing a Core Value Index (CVI) assessment to know more about myself. Due to a technical problem, I couldn’t conduct the online assessment, but Melody persisted to help me complete the form and generated the results. After got the CVI report, she patiently explained it to me again and again. Melody made me take off my armour and encouraged… Read more “Helps Me Know About Myself Better”

Natalie Lee

Enthusiasm and a High Level of Professionalism

Mrs. Melody Taylor-Fliege has provided invaluable support to the work of the Integrated Training Service team at the UN Global Service Centre (UNGSC) to the delivery of group life coaching sessions to UN staff members deploying to field operations as part of our Civilian Pre-deployment Training course. On 23 and 31 January 2014, Mrs. Taylor-Fllege facilitated session on ‘Embracing Change’ and ‘Culture and Diversity’ respectively, supporting participants to build up resilience and strength in these two areas. Both coaching initiatives received very good reviews from participants, who found them relevant and important, especially at this transitional period of their lives. Mrs. Taylor-Fliege has been a pleasure to work with. She has demonstrated enthusiasm and a high level of professionalism and integrity in every step of this joint project. In addition, all members of the ITS-UNGSC team, including myself, enjoyed working with Mrs. Taylor-FIiege, and were grateful for the positive contribution she made to the course. Given the above, I have no reservation in recommending Mrs. Taylor-Fliege for similar roles. If required, I would be happy to provide further details her work with us.

Juliana Ribeiro, Team Leader

Deepen my Decision-making Abilities

During 2013, I was on a highly demanding overseas United Nations deployment for six months. Regular telephone coaching sessions with Melody enabled me to deepen my decision-making abilities especially in the stressful environment.  When tempted to just giving in to the initial impulse of feeling compelled to make rash decisions, which mischievously appeared to be without alternatives, I learned to apply my whole range of possibilities and opportunities and make sound decisions.  Melody’s intuitive coaching style and empathetic attitude challenged me in a way that enabled me to make some very sound professional decisions in the mission that will have a long-lasting impact on people in the host countries as well as some profound family decisions I had to make which felt far more based on my values than I have experienced previously in my life. Life coaching already has provided me with invaluable decision making tools for all aspects of my life.

Georg F.

Empower Myself to Reach the Goal

Angela A.

I really enjoyed my first session with melody. She was professional. She listened to what I had to say and repeat it back to me. I feel like with this life coaching with melody that I will be able to empower myself to reach the goal that I have for myself. I have referred many people to melody and hopefully they will book an appointment with her. I want to personally thank melody for my first appointment and making me feel comfortable and able to open up. I feel like melody has integrity level that I have been seeking for a long time. I am looking forward to continuing my sessions with her.

Angela A.

Empowering, Exciting Coaching!

Althea Thayer Testimonial

Since I have started coaching with Melody. I have been able to become more clear and focused on the direction I am going with my Holistic business and personal journey. In just a few short coaching sessions, we have had many breakthroughs in overcoming fear, rejection and time management. I plan on continuing with the coaching session to help self maintenance and keep working though additional issues that may come up as I explore my renewed passion for my business and personal life. I would urge you to book now and renew your passion in all that your life offers.

Althea Mitchell-Thayer

Importance of Values

Hannah Breithaupt Testimonial

The coaching with Meldody helped me to literally step into my values, to see clearly what is important for me and my work, gave it a good grounding and a focus. I like her intermodal work–> that combines emotions, inner pictures and consciousness of the body. This makes the coaching a really grounded, variegated and colourful session.

Hannah Breithaupt
Music Therapist, Body & Voice Work
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