I Continuously work on improving the quality of my service therefore I use recordings of sessions, which can include video, voice, and images. In addition to this, small parts of the recordings may be transcribed and used for work towards my improvement of services and training. Wherever this takes place, all names and any factors which may identify you would not be included, so confidentiality would be maintained.

When agreeing to have a coaching recorded, you agree to the following:

  • I consent to video/audio recordings and any images being made of these sessions and to these recordings/images being used to improve the coaching services.
  • I consent to the excerpts from these recordings, or descriptions of them, being used by Taylor-Fliege & Associates, LLC staff and carefully selected service providers for the purposes of supervision, research, or training.
  • I understand that Taylor-Fliege & Associates, LLC staff will edit out from these recordings/images, or from descriptions of the recordings/images, as much identifying information as is possible.

Taylor-Fliege & Associates LLC assures that, in respect of any recordings/images made, every effort will be made to ensure professional-confidentiality and that any use of video/audio recordings and any images, or written descriptions of their content will be for purposes of development and improvement of quality of coaching services only or will serve the improvement of coaching services through research or training programs. Every effort will be made to protect the identity and privacy of any/all client(s).